Today was a #StitchFix Day!


It’s a FIX DAY! For those of you who see the ads online, but wonder “is it really all it’s cracked up to be?” This post is for you! It is not an advertisement for stitch fix, just a personal account of my experience and review of product quality.

I was fascinated with the idea of having a Stylist. Someone who would design outfits to fit my needs, personality, body type, and style. I felt so fancy at the thought, the idea alone was intriguing. I debated trying it out for about 5 months, and then last spring finally took the plunge. Now, I strongly recommend talking to a friend if you have one already signed up. There is a referral promotion associated with new sign-ups. And if you do not have a friend using the service, contact me!

Today’s fix was my 5th fix. The best part about the company is that YOU are in control. YOU determine how often you receive an order, how much you want to spend and what particular items you are interested in receiving. The stylist who is working with you will try their best to meet your requests; however, they may not give you everything you ask for. TRUST them. They review your personality profile (the questionnaire you complete after signing up) keeping in mind your body type and styles you have rated. Not to mention they make a living styling people. So perhaps we should all just trust the experts once in a while? I linked my Pinterest fashion board to my account, so my stylist could get a better feel for my preferences.

Think of your account with Stitch Fix as an ever developing relationship. Once you receive your first fix, do not be disappointed if it is not 100% what you were expecting. This is where it is critical for you to log into your account and provide detailed feedback. You will be asked a series of questions from size, to cut/fit, style, and price where you will rank your thoughts. You then are given an opportunity to write your thoughts on each item and determine whether or not you will keep the item. I will show you this below as I check out for my fix.

Prior to receiving your fix you have the opportunity to request items, give some information for your stylist to consider before putting together your fix. I have discovered through trial and error and polling my friends who use the service, that the LESS you request before the actual fix is styled, the better. I have received BETTER fix results when I do not request specific items. It seems crazy, I know. But I am not alone in this. This fix I am about to reveal to you is by far, the most spot-on fix that I have received to date. It is also my 5th, and I can tell you I did send everything back from one before. If you should change your mind about how you filled out the initial surveys when signing up, you can always go back and adjust the answers you provided simply from the app on your phone. I LOVE. MY. FIX. APP. It is simple and user friendly. If your sizes change, just hop back into your profile and adjust the sizes and it will automatically update the information for your stylist.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for, my great reveal.


Oh that glorious moment when the box arrives and you stand before it with anticipation and excitement about what your stylist might have chosen for you. Did you get the bag you wanted? Did she totally throw you a curve ball and surprise you with a style you didn’t expect to like, but will end up loving? The possibilities are endless until you finally break that seal and see exactly WHAT is in that box. Shoes, shirts, leggings, dresses, bags, jewelry. You will never know until you open that box. So take a moment, enjoy the anticipation, and then dive in.

Once you open the box there will be two critical items laying on top. The first, will be your pre-paid return envelope. The best part about Stitch Fix is the ability to try everything on in the comfort of your own home before paying for anything. You are not charged for any of the items until you cash out using your app or the website. All items you decide not to keep can be tossed into this envelope and dropped off at the post-office, tossed in your mailbox, or schedule a pick up with your local USPS mail carrier.

The second critical item in your fix is the envelope with a detailed note from your stylist about each piece he or she has chosen for you and why they felt you would love these pieces. Take note of the name of your stylist, because if you find one you love, you WILL want to include this person’s name in the “Note to your Stylist” before receiving a fix.

Along with detailed descriptions of the items are sample outfits, very similar to the three-dimensional images of idea outfits we see on Pinterest all of the time. I really want to investigate how those are generated. Is there a software that creates those? I’m happy to hear from any one who knows the answer to this! Your items will be neatly folded and wrapped in tissue paper and snugly tucked in your box. I love breaking those seals and opening up my packages, like a small child on Christmas morning!

The first item up in my Fix was this fabulous pop of color bag called the Jesse Crossbody Bag by Shiraleah. It has an optional hand strap as well. I was instantly in love with this bag! This was also my first bag which was a pleasant surprise. It’s sturdy, has an awesome color that I wouldn’t normally choose, which I found as a pleasant surprise. I was sold, needless to say.

My next two items were tops, one was a ruche sides knit top, in a lighter gray hue. It was simple and I wasn’t initially sure how I felt about the ruching, but figured I would make a final determination once I tried it on. The other was a black knit blazer, and let me just tell you, it might be the softest fabric I have ever felt. I also noticed immediately that it was darted, which is a huge plus for someone with my shape.

The last two items it took all of my self control to not shriek out loud as I unveiled them. Both were items I had previous requested with no luck in receiving. Before I reveal, let me just explain that I am not a fan of leggings. I respect all who wear and love that there are so many out there for the avid legging wearer; however, the patterns, and wildness about them just have never been me. On the other hand, my three year old loves them and about 98% of my friends all wear and swear by them. Each of these wonderful ladies look amazing in them, its’ just not my style.

There has been one specific legging I have wanted to try for months. I requested a pair of the faux leather detail leggings a couple stitches ago, but did not receive a pair until today and I LOVED the look, feel, thickness, and fit. I also received an awesome pair of bar gold studs. I’ve been really into the stud earrings with the extra details hanging behind the ear, or the unique shapes. This bar shape was exactly what I was looking to try out.

The leather detail on the leggings wasn’t overpowering, but the motto-cross inspired detail across the knee really sealed the deal for me.


I was actually just talking to my sister about the jewelry I have received so far from my fixes. The first necklace was on my second fix in September. I love it and wear it all of the time. But I noticed just last week that the gold finish is already wearing off the chain. This is a bit disheartening to me, given the original price listed on the item. I will say, this product I received today, feels like it’s going to be a higher quality, as it comes with quality guarantees, protective bags and polishing cloths leading the non expert to believe it will withstand more time.


After inspecting all of my items and receiving a little assistance from my littlest lady opening the packages, it was time to start trying on and making some decisions! I must apologize in advance for the lack of photo quality in the next few shots, as there is a significant learning curve to taking outfit photos when you are not a member of  the selfie-generation but I’m getting there. I took a simple striped blouse I already owned to layer with the blazer to test it out. I paired the ruched shirt with the leggings and slipped on a pair of flats from The Gap that I wore to work today. (Disclaimer: I did not love the flats with the leggings, I was just on a time crunch)

Ah yes, nothing like the quality of a 30 year old attempting to photograph herself in clothes. Seriously, some of these teenagers should teach me how to take pictures after I teach their English class. All joking aside, I loved the blazer and did not fall in love with the ruching of the gray shirt. Period. Therefore, I knew the gray was going back. The blazer, is nice; however, I have a similar cut one, with the 3/4 sleeve length already, so this item might be on the chopping board as well.

But those leggings. Oh the leggings! They were an immediate hit the second I slid them on, the fit, the thickness (all good leggings must be THICK to hide as much as possible), and the little details really sold me. Excellent job stylists!!

Now for the check-out. I have attached screen shots of the questions you will answer on each item below. It’s very simple, but the more information you can provide, the more accurate your future fixes will be.

When you enter your app, you start of by continuing on to checkout. From there the first item will come up on the screen along with the original price. It’s critical you pay attention to this price. If you keep all 5 items a significant discount is taken off the entire purchase at the end (often times equaling one  full item). If you choose to only keep four items, you may be paying just as much if not more than if you kept all 5 items so watch your final price!

Select whether you plan to return or keep the item. Then proceed to answer the four questions that follow style, fit/cut, size, and price. After rating each category you want to provide a little written feedback on the item, like what you like, what you didn’t like, or what might have made the item a little better.

After completing the review on the first item you will repeat this on the remaining four items. You have 3 days to decide and place the items in the mail that you choose not to keep. Another thing I have discovered is the customer service is AMAZING with this company. Any time I have had a question or issue, I simply email the company and have an answer within 24 hours. There is no “holding for the next available representative” just real simple responses.

So there you have it, a Wonderful Wednesday full of Stitch Fix fancies. Like I mentioned before, your Stitch Fix account is like an ever developing relationship. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!


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