Party Like it’s the 10th Post!

In celebration of my 10th post (hey, we celebrate the small things in life!) I have decided to share with you my 10 most favorite dessert recipes I’ve tried over the past several years. Each one of these delicious recipes was found on Pinterest. I must warn you, if you are looking for healthy recipes, you should stop reading NOW. I love to cook, and love to bake even more. I have several family recipes that fall above this top ten list, but they are worthy of solo posts. So for the 10th post celebration, I will stick strictly to the recipes I have found thanks to the amazing invention we all know as… Pinterest. Along with the link to the recipe I will provide you with the specific adjustments I made to the recipe and products used to make the perfect gluten free version of each.

I am not exactly sure what I did with my life before Pinterest started. I do know that I love to pin, tend to over-pin, and I’m currently in the process of organizing my Shimmering Twig pins and trying to stick to recipes I’ve actually tried and love, or life-hacks that I really use rather than the good old theory “I’ll probably use that sometime…” I can remember thinking how many ideas I have saved and wanted to use, but never followed through with. I’m tacking this on to my new-year new-me theory: Spend Less and Value More. So without further adieu, the first Recipe:

  1. The Homemade Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake


This recipe is almost perfectly gluten free as is, minus the cookie crumb filling. Every year for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we invite both of our sets of parents out to the house and try to treat them to a full 3-course meal. Last year for Mother’s Day I wanted to use a dessert was so good, but involved zero work for me on Mother’s Day. My husband is an excellent cook, but not into the baking, so this project would fall on me.

When I came across this idea online, I decided this would be a great plan as I could make it on Saturday and pull it out to serve whenever we finished with our luncheon on Sunday.

The recipe calls for oreo style cookies or a chocolate cookie. My mother always keeps a stash of the gluten free Kinnikinnick cookies KinniToos around so we used a package in substitution. Otherwise I followed the recipe for the most part as presented. And trust me, it was a huge hit!

2. Fudgy Brownie Hearts with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream


Oh my goodness! The love I feel for this recipe is unreal. I want to stand up and go make these right now. About 6 years ago I dabbled in the home-show party business selling jewelry and for my grand opening I went a little crazy on food. This was my show-stopper dessert recipe from  a farm girl dabbles. The fresh raspberry buttercream is SO. WORTH. THE. TIME. My mom came out to help me prepare for the party the night before and I think it will always be one of the best cooking with my mom memories I have. We made an unreal amount of food for the party and she really took the lead on making the butter cream for this. I feel certain she would also agree that this recipe was totally worth the time.

This recipe I followed to a T. The flour I used for these little fudgy hearts was Pamela’s Artisan Blend gluten free flour and I typically use this for everything. The large bag you can purchase off Amazon is by far the best value!

The final product was amazing and no one knew it was gluten free!

3. The BEST Chex Mix Ever


This recipe is hands down amazing! I follow the recipe exactly and as a general rule of thumb LOVE everything Chex. If you’re ever in a pinch for a recipe, try one of the countless versions of Chex mix out there, utilizing their gluten-free cereal! I make this in bulk around the holidays and give it out in cute tins to family and friends!

4. Marshmallow Blondies


This recipe by Cookies and Cups is wonderful! It was a great switch up from the chocolate that seems to monopolize my life! The recipe is pretty simply and straight-forward if you’re looking for sweets with minimal prep-time. The one thing about this recipe that really stands out in my mind was how sticky they were, so be sure to really prep that pan!

I used Pamela’s Artisan Blend flour and really LOVED the caramel-goey texture with the little surprise bites of marshmallows. We love using Nestle Toll House white chocolate chips and usually keep a stash in bulk as the girls LOVE snacking while we bake.

5. S’mores Dip


THREE INGREDIENTS. TWO MINUTES. And Bam! You have this delicious dip! My second year teaching we would have unofficial luncheons at work every time someone had a baby. That year, at least six of us had babies. It was like a crazy school district baby boom. I made this for one of the teachers “shower” luncheon who was due about three months before me. And seriously… what pregnant woman doesn’t love an endless supply of chocolate to dip anything into?! Chocolate Chips, Sweetened Condensed Milk, and Marshmallow Fluff. That’s all there is to this recipe!

6. Oreo Loaded Cheesecake Brownies


If you haven’t been sold by the first half of this post, these surely should seal the deal. Vera hit the jackpot with the fudgey chocolate, cheesecake, and oreo layered masterpieces! Again I cannot STRESS the quality of these Kinnikinnick Chocolate Cookies they are an excellent substitute for an Oreo. I used my go-to Pamela’s Artisan Blend flour again for these, and keep a surplus coming every two months with Amazon’s subscription option.

Every January we have a joint birthday celebration for my parents. This year we went with an Italian theme meal, but threw this bad boy in for dessert and trust me, it was a hit with everyone!

7. Pecan Pie Bars


Rewind back to my pregnancy with my first daughter. The hormones during that holiday season turned me into a self-proclaimed Martha, finding countless new recipes to try baking, baking, and a little more BAKING for good measure. I am pretty sure I turned out more treats between Thanksgiving and New Years that year, than I have the 3 years that followed. One of those little holiday finds was this gem of a dessert. I love pecan pie and I love bar style desserts! Put them together and you have yourselves the perfect little Thanksgiving treat! I followed the recipe exactly, only changing the pan preparation to just greasing the pan and eliminating any foil lining.

8. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars


It was during the same holiday season that I first met and fell in love with The Girl Who Ate Everything. This girl’s got it going on! I went back through my Pinterest boards and discovered that a bulk of my pins were recipes developed by her. She is fantastic!

I followed the recipe exactly as she explains it, and found one of my family’s and in-law’s new favorite recipes! The chef sister fully approved as well! We make this recipe at least 6 times a year in our house. It’s simple, straightforward and a great Gluten-free adapted recipe when you switch out the flour for Pamela’s Artisan Blend.

9. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies with Peppermint Filling


This was another Pinterest find from back in 2012. My sister and I both use this cookie as a Christmas staple! There is something so Christmas-y about Peppermint and the slight hint in the cream filling is amazing! Now, usually for time sake I use the same flour for this, but in all reality the best version of flour for any type of Gob or Cake textured cookie is the America’s Test Kitchen Gluten Free Blend. They have a Pinterest page that you can also find HERE. Other than that minor tweak, the recipe is a straight forward gluten free conversion. Both America’s Test Kitchen gluten free blend and Pamela’s Artisan Blend gluten free flour are cup for cup conversions making baking that much easier! America’s Test Kitchen DOES require the additional xanathan gum along with the cup-for-cup flour blend. Refer to the book for specific amounts!

10. Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


This tenth and final recipe was my most recent find on A Spicy Perspective, a blog I have every intention of following and really inspecting, because I was in love with this recipe! There is something so magical about the idea of Salt and Caramel combined, that any recipe with these two words in, I typically assume i will love.

And I was right. This was another simple, quick throw together recipe, that the only minor adjustment was the Pamela’s Artisan Blend flour. They were a bit tricky to cut at first, but like most ooey-goey bars, once the first one is out, the rest are much simpler.

And that, my friends is how I like to celebrate 10 consecutive posts on Shimmering Twig. Ten Tantalizing Treats to make the mouth water. I really hope at least one of these recipes brings your family the joy and comfort of a homemade treat shared with loved ones. Happy Sunday everyone.


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