Hello Brass | Welcome Back

If you have been perusing the home decor isles recently you might have noticed an oldie, but goldie (literally) returning to the shelves. Brass is making a return for the better. When we first moved into our farmhouse three years ago two things stuck out to me the most as top on my “to change” list. The first being the shade of “renters light tan” that covered the walls throughout the house, a shade that still plagues my entryway. And the second being the brass accents on my two fire places. About a year ago, I chatted with a fellow DIY-er friend about this amazing paint I found through intense Pinterest searching that was both heat resistant and could provide a cost effective face lift to my slightly dated fire places. Yes, I said plural because we have not one, but two identically dated pieces in our home.

The first renovation was completed about 18 months after moving into our house. At a solid seven months pregnant with our second child, I finally was able to commit to a shade of gray I could truly love. I dove in an repainted our living room, dining room, and stairway/upper hallways over a 3-day stretch.

Looking back, I am all too aware of what a terrible idea painting that stairwell was at 7 + months pregnant and home alone; however, I survived and didn’t waste any time moving from room to room until the entire shade of tan was GONE!

Returning back to the fire places, I never pulled the trigger to actually paint these super brassy accents and I can’t even give you a solid reason why, except… lazy??

Regardless, this is a moment where I am grateful for my laziness! I swear to you, Brass is BACK! I’m loving the accents of it here and there throughout interior decor. This summer we are giving our kitchen a solid face lift and I can promise you, that face lift will feature some Brass accents!

On a recent discount isle shopping trip I came upon these sweet little brass lights and fell in love with the geometric patterns. I knew they would need to find a home on one of my mantles.

I love mixing super geometric structured pieces with natural woods and greenery. I also added several gold pieces to my collection of mix and match interior decor items last year, which are working in nicely with these new accents.


And there is my brass fire place with a few little pieces. I truly don’t hate it any more. In fact, my eye feels more conflict with the tile surrounding the fireplace than the actual brass parts.

The next big find came about 7 years ago, before I had developed any decorating sense, or even figured out what I liked. My sister-in-law held a home show decorating party and I was die hard on home shows at the time, so I made a decent sized purchase and watched her eyes grow when I ordered a large mirror with flecks of glass around it. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was probably the best investment piece I’ve purchased to date! It traveled from our old house to where we are today, and ended up tying our gray walls in with our black and brass fire places!


This mirror has been hanging above our fire place with frequent accent switches for the past three years and I do not see it leaving any time soon! I love it!

Along with the slight hints of brass, I incorporated some softer colors for the upcoming spring by recycling vases purchased three years ago, along with some natural woods and even a hint of geometric shapes. When I first began playing the “balancing act” of decorating not one, but two mantles, I would have a steady stream of text conversation going with my sister regarding arrangements and revisions, tweaks, item shuffling, and so on and so forth.

Finally getting a feel for these arrangements, I have successfully gone through 3 seasons solo on mantle arranging! She must be so proud…!

Even though my random assortment of interior decoration pieces has developed into a nice little collection, I can’t resist the isles of T J Max, Target, and Home Goods full of miscellaneous decorative pieces that seem to fit like a puzzle in and among the items already resting on my table or mantle. You just never know what you could find! Luckily, I have found enough previously purchased items to maintain my limited buying mentality for yet another season.

Brass is back in all its shine and glory. I look forward to sharing with you my new kitchen in just a few months and how we were able to tie in this classic with a modern farmhouse twist.


  • Whitney


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