Finding My Niche

One year. It has been exactly one year since Shimmering Twig emerged as a concrete idea in my life. And while I have not found a consistent rhythm or developed a clear path where this blog would go, I have had many opportunities to explore different options, from writing about life decisions, simple and effective approaches to a gluten free lifestyle (which many will tell you, I was HORRIBLE about until my first pregnancy). Each post, each thought, each blurb of my life has been a learning curve.

I love to read, and I love to write. But finding that rhythm, that “niche” as they call it in the blogging world, has been difficult for me. I think this is mainly because I LOVE to dabble in a little bit of everything. Seriously, just ask my husband because it drives him crazy. During this initial year with this blog I took one heck of a crash course in blogging from attracting an audience, to social media, to Pinterest (and frankly Pinterest is still a mysterious monster that is too overwhelming for me to tackle, and according to all of the blogging groups, the most crucial piece), and  ultimately to finding some consistency.

My blog has been far from consistent, but somewhere in the last 4 months of teaching hyper-drive that I seem to be stuck in, the blog took a back burner, simmering in the furthest corners of my mind. Recently I have been debating what to do about that subscription that was about to expire… Do I continue in this path of random dabbling in a little of this and that… do I let it go as a lost project never completely finished… or does it just stay there… simmering, waiting. But what am I waiting for?

And then the idea started to blossom, as most ideas do. They start as a small seedling, the kind you are afraid to touch, to share, for fear of crushing it from the get go. Gradually though, they form into something more solid, more secure, and you start to share them, to get feedback, to bounce those ideas off the people that matter most in your life. For me, that is my husband, he is my biggest critic, and ultimate deal sealer or breaker.

It is no surprise to anyone that I love to bake. I quit ordering cakes for my family several years back and began to dive into the art of refining gluten free baking. I love the science behind it, the creativity and the challenge it brings. I love that I have a crazy supportive family who loves to sample what I make, but more importantly, the family who will be honest, the ones who look for my gluten free treats to taste “different.” Success is when those family members say, “I can’t even tell a difference, your cake was good.” Silently your inner being does a little happy dance.


My husband has always been my biggest gluten free supporter. Seriously, I cannot even begin to stress to you the silent connection he has to it, so much to the point that years ago if I was about to cheat and eat something I wasn’t allowed, it was as if an inner alarm bell would go off and he would just “happen” to call me at that exact moment asking me what I was doing. Ugh. But I digress.

So my idea took hold, it became a brainstorm web, which turned into notes, which lead to research, which lead to details. Those details became concrete, and then I took some test orders. Those test orders turned out successful and lead to more consistent orders, which then lead to the possibility that I might be able to actually DO THIS. And just like that, an idea turned into my niche.

And so it is with great PRIDE, great fear, and great excitement that I share with you, Shimmering Twigs newest face:


Shimmering Twig Treats



After my daughter’s 4th birthday party, the seed was planted and I began to entertain the possibility of baking for others, specifically those who wanted gluten free baked good that tasted delicious but were also pretty and customized.


My youngest is minion OBSESSED, therefore, is was only appropriate to have a minion-themed party for her this past fall, which she went crazy over!


And so, with my little celiac child’s approval, I am ready to tackle this new adventure! More information is coming soon, but if you are interested, please do not hesitate to reach out.

It feels so good to be back!


  • Whitney


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